Experience Makes the Difference

Life is Good when you are always making new friends…..

I have been in the Real Estate business for many years selling family homes, small businesses and commercial real estate in northern California. My background in management and business have been very essential in my handling of a clients most costly and proud  possession of a lifetime.

Business Sales and Purchase
My Business sales experience has been very helpful as many clients will sell their business and then of course may want to sell their home. Many will be relocating to another state or area, and all of this can be rather scary to the client that doesn’t have an experienced agent to assist.

Relocation Assistance
My relocation services will assist in locating that new home with a competent real estate agent that I approve in their new location areas. There are times that more that one relocation agent will be needed because of the large geographical area that a client wishes to research.

Careers Build Quality Careers
My first career was managing newspaper advertising departments across the country for 30 plus years and being able to enjoy moving to different areas of our country. This experience has also been helpful because of my management qualities and in assisting clients relocate because of employment changes or retirement choices.

My second career was in education; assisting in the training of public safety employees, including police, fire, probation, and correctional personnel. My position responsibilities included; providing all the training facilities, training equipment, firing ranges, property leasing and much more. I also controlled the largest budget of the academies, while training over 26,000 students a year.


My Wife and Best Friend
My wife has been a major asset in my successful real estate career because of her expertise as a Title & Escrow Officer. She is providing me with helpful information that only a title/escrow person would know, frequently assisting me with immediate answers to client questions while in the field.

My life has been richly bless by many friends, who started as clients. When we close on the sale or purchase of their property, there is no better feeling than to hand over the keys and enjoy their smiles.


First Time Home Buyers
What fun! There are so many things to teach the new home buyer that is rewarding. And the biggest rush is finally  completing this transaction, and handing over The golden keys to happiness.

God Bless 

Check me out……..Check my references…...I love making new friends…….